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All attendees of this program
must be vetted US Citizens.
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Terrorist Incident Response
This program is designed to teach
participants to recognize and
immediately respond to terrorist
incidents.  This program features
many inert props, and is suitable for
safety, securtiy, medical and law
enforcement personnel.  
This course is presented by instructors certified by the
Energetic Materials Training Center at New Mexico Tech.  It
covers basic bomb design, Home Made Explosives, and suicide
bombing incidents, as well as detection techniques, etc.  This IS
NOT a bomb technician course, and is presented to increase the
safety of platform, site or drill ship personnel.  No photographs
may be take, nor recordings made.  Materials presented are not
classified, but considered sensitive.

The fee for this course is $200 per participant for small
groups.  Flat rates can be negotiated for larger groups.