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Suture Lab
Offshore and Remote Duty Personnel
often face the need to do simple
surgical skin procedures and repair
traumatic injuries.  This class is
presented in two formats.  The Basic
Suture Class is two days of
demonstration and practice.  The
Advanced Suture/Closure Class adds
additional techniques and includes
more supervised practice time.  
Basic Suture Class (Two Days)

This class covers:

  • Basic suturing tools
  • Suture material types
  • Needle types
  • Decision making on methods and products of closure
  • Knot tying
  • Analgesia
  • Basic interrupted and uninterrupted suture placement
  • Supervised skills practice

This two day class provides approximately 16 hours of contact
time.  The fee for this class is $250 USD.

Advanced Suture Class (Three Days)

This class covers:

  • All techniques in the basic class
  • Deep closure techniques
  • Ligation techniques
  • Staple closure and removal
  • Adhesive closure
  • Validity of closure on-site vs. evacuation from remote area

This three day class provides approximately 24 hours of contact
time.  The fee for this class is $400 USD.  All information in this
class is also taught in the IDM Focus Program.

General Information

Class sizes are small, usually not exceeding 12 students.  In
larger classes, we provide ample instructors and proctors to
ascertain that the needs of the students are met.  Closure
practice is done on a number of surfaces including anatomical
manikins of the ear, lip, nose, abdomen, and simple surfaces
such as limbs.  Students will also practice on anatomical
specimens.  We provide all BSI PPE as required.  Students will
practice with standard surgical steel, as well as disposable kits,
similar to what they might find on platform, a clinic, or in
another remote venue.  This class can be brought to your site
for a minimum of six students.