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The Medic Prep Program is designed to prepare the offshore
medic to excel at ancillary job requirements that are often
assigned to them.  This course is 40 hours long.  
This course includes training in the following areas:

Helicopter Landing Officer

HIPPA/Crew Medical Reviews

DOT Drug Testing

OSHA and Company Record Keeping

Fire Prevention and Suppression

Food Service Safety

Health and Hygiene Inspections

Health and Wellness in the Work Environment (including
vaccines, etc.)

Water and Ventilation Systems Monitoring

Theory of Adult Education/Safety Training of Employees

Permit Issuance and Monitoring

Meteorological Monitoring

Evacuation and Egress planning and Monitoring

Proper Disposal of BBP/Proper Use of Clean Up Equipment
Securement, Record Keeping, and Disposal of Scheduled

The curriculum for this class can be modified to meet the
needs of specific companies for a minimum of six students.  

Cost for the class is $800 USD per student.  A 25% reduction
($200 off) applies if booked with the IDM Focus program.  
Medic Prep