Independent Duty Medic (IDM) Focus

If your organization provides
point of care ultrasound, we
can provide training for
acute illness and injury
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This program can be
coupled with the
Medic Prep program
during a 21 day off
period to provide well
trained employees.
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This is an 80 hour focused
program for Independent Duty
Medics.  This program is ideal for
offshore medics and remote duty
personnel.  This is an advanced
level course.  Prerequisite:  
Paramedic or Registered Nurse
with three years experience in
active patient care is suggested.  
This offering is medical only.  The
“Medic Prep” program may be
taken to prepare a provider to
better accomplish other job duties
that are often required by many
Topics Covered:

Advanced Patient Assessment

Point Of Care Diagnostics (Basic Panel, H&H, BNP, Cardiac
Enzymes, D-dimer, Lactate, EtCO2, Etc.)

Management of Communicable Disease

Management of Dental Emergencies

Gender Medicine

Illness and Injury of the EENT

Management of Acute and Chronic Medical Illness

Management of Respiratory Illness and Injury

Management of Acute Traumatic Injury

Pharmacology (analgesics, anesthetics, antibiotics, antipyretics,
neuromuscular blockade, sedatives, vaccines, emergency meds,

Prolonged Patient Management

BaroTrauma/Flight Physiology/Altitude-Depth Injury
Skills and Procedures Taught:

Waveform Capnography

Dental Care: Temporary fillings and Extraction

Reduction of Dislocations/Fractures, Casts

High Acuity/Low Frequency Skills  (Endotracheal Intubation,
Retrograde Intubation, PAI/RSI, Crycothyroidtomy, Needle
Thoracostomy, Pericardiocentesis, Chest Tube/Sahara)

Nasogastric/Orogastric Tube placement

Medication Administration and Vascular Access Techniques (IM, IV,
IO, mucosal atomization, dermatoclysis, central lines, small volume

Use of Otoscope/Opthalmoscope

Suturing, Stapling, Adhesive Skin Closure

Minor Surgical Skin Procedures

Toenail Reductions (Ingrown)

Urinary Catheterization

Optional: Human Cadaver Lab

Optional: Point of Care Ultrasound
This 80 hour course is taught over a two week period.  The cost
for the course, without the cadaver and ultrasound labs is $3200
USD.  Classes are small, usually limited to 12 persons.  All class
materials are provided, including BSI PPE.  A 7” electronic tablet is
provided with this course offering.  The tablet contains color
photos, videos, and text that accompanies the course.  

The optional cadaver lab is $495 USD.  Transportation is provided
to the cadaver lab.  The Cadaver Lab is held on the Saturday after
the first and second weeks.