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High Acuity/Low Frequency Skills
This class reinforces your ability to
perform the critical skills that must be
done correctly every time, yet are
seldom practiced in real life.  

Many of our procedures are taught
using a “wire” (Seldinger’s technique)
because we have found those
procedures to be more medically
acceptable, faster and easier to
accomplish and safer for the patient
Participants have the opportunity to learn new skills and update
old ones.  The first day involves lecture, demonstration, and
hands-on training with manikins specifically designed to teach
these skills.  If the optional Human Cadaver Lab is purchased, a
second day begins with travel to central Texas and a review of
all skills before performing the skills on human cadavers.  A
general anatomical cadaver review follows.  The procedures
covered include:

Endotracheal Intubation
Retrograde Intubation
Nasal Intubation
Rapid Sequence Intubation/Pharmaceutically Assisted Intubation
Needle Thoracostomy
Chest Tube/Sahara

Our goal is to prepare each participant with “best practices” in
the use of each procedure.  
The fee for this course is $325 USD, without the cadaver lab.  

The HALF skills/procedures are also presented in the IDM Focus