The Offshore Marine Medical Training Institute
provides the highest quality training for offshore
platform, maritime personnel and medical staff in
other remote locations.  

We provide caregivers that are fully
trained and highly motivated.
Our training is specific to the offshore industry
We've been educating providers for over 40 years
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Our offerings are specifically designed to better
address the  needs of both students and
employers.  In example:  Our Independent Duty
Medic (IDM) Focus program differs from  STCW
classes as they are specific to the offshore O&G
industry, tailored to Paramedics and Registered
Nurses with at least three (3) years of experience.  
This program makes use of the 80 hours of content
to hone their critical skills and develop the
necessary skill sets to best accommodate the
needs of the offshore patient and of the employer.  
This course and it’s companion course, “Medic
Prep”, can be altered to the specific requirements
of any given offshore employer or third party
medical provider.  To learn more about this very
fulfilling course,
Custom classes are
possible, dependent
on provider needs!
Phone: 800-576-2670
E-mail:  info@ommti.com
©2013-2020 Offshore Marine
Medical Training Institute
©2013-2020 Offshore Marine Medical Training Institute